The name of the organization shall be ‘HI-DESERT ROCKHOUNDS OF MORONGO VALLEY’. The organization shall be non-profit, educational and recreational.


The objectives of the organization shall be:

  • The promotion of the study of mineralogy and allied earth sciences.
  • To gain information and practice of lapidary techniques.
  • To promote good fellowship.


The objectives shall be achieved by:
  • Field trips, meetings and projects
  • Co-operation with other organizations and agencies active in hobby and recreational fields


Membership in the organization shall be open to anybody interested in the objectives of the organization, but limited to 75 full members. A parent or guardian must accompany persons under the age of 18.

Membership shall be by submission of an application form and dues to the membership chairperson. A valid dues card shall be evidence of membership.

Membership shall consist of life members, full members and associate members. Life membership shall be awarded to full members for exceptional service in a general meeting approved by a motion. Associate members shall be persons residing outside of the Morongo Basin.

Additional types of membership may be set up by a general meeting vote.

Termination of membership

Membership shall be terminated by:

  • Failure to pay annual dues by the end of march of the current year.
  • Expulsion for attitude and conduct detrimental to the welfare of the organization. On being advised of such action, the Board of Directors shall give written notice to the member concerned to appear before the Board of Directors, a time and place to be designated to determine and explain any actions considered. Two thirds of the vote of the Board of Directors shall be required for expulsion.


Annual dues for full and associate members shall be determined by a vote of the membership at a general meeting. In May 2009 dues were $20.00 for an individual and $30.00 for a couple.

Dues shall be payable in January each year. Dues for members joining September or after shall cover the year following.

Life members and members under 18 years of age need pay no dues.


In a general meeting, in October each year, the membership shall elect a nominating committee of three members. The nominating committee shall select a slate of one or more candidates for each position on the Board of Directors and for all standing committees.

The slate shall be presented at the November meeting following. At that meeting, further nominations may be made from the floor. A new slate for the Board of Directors and of standing committees chairpersons shall then be elected by majority vote.

The newly elected Board of Directors and standing Committee chairpersons shall take office at the first January meeting following the election. Terms of office are for one year.

In the event of a failure to elect offices, the existing officers shall continue to serve in the interim until a new slate is selected. Vacancies arising during the term shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.


The Board shall consist of the officers and directors. The officers shall be the president, the vice president, the secretary and the treasurer. The number of directors shall be determined by vote of the general meeting on the basis of one director for every ten members, but shall not be less than five. There are currently five directors.



  • The president shall chair all meetings (general, board of directors, or special) of the organization. The president shall be an ex officio member of all standing committees except the nominating committee.
  • The vice president shall act as aide to the president and in the absence of the president, perform all duties of the president.
  • The secretary shall keep a record of all general and Board of Directors meetings. The secretary, in the absence of the president and vice president, may chair a general or Board of Directors meeting.
  • The treasurer shall receive all monies, maintain a petty cash account and endorse deposits made into a Bank approved by the Board of Directors. Payment checks shall be signed by any two of the president, vice president and treasurer and any other person specifically authorized by its Board of Directors to do so. The treasurer shall keep a record of receipts and disbursements and prepare required financial returns and present a report on the current state of finances at each general meeting and present an annual report at the November meeting.

When an officer fails to attend three consecutive meetings without adequate explanation, The Board of Directors may declare the office vacant.

At the end of the tour of duty, each officer shall turn over to his successor, without delay, all records, books, funds, and other material pertaining to the office.

The Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall transact such business as may be referred to it by the organization. It may authorize payments of bills not exceeding $100.00. It shall create standing committees as necessary and fill all vacancies in office. It is subject to the orders of the organization and none of its acts shall conflict with action takes or ordered by the organization. The Board shall meet prior to each general meeting and at all special meetings.


Membership: The chairperson shall receive all applicants, their application form and dues. The dues card shall be signed by the president and the membership chairperson and dues turned over to the treasurer. The membership chairperson shall maintain an up to date list of all members, their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. At least twice a year that list shall be passed on to the bulletin editor for distribution to all members and to the secretary for filing.

Bulletin editor: The editor shall produce and distribute to the membership prior to each organization event a bulletin containing full information of the event and any other information the editor considers to be of interest to the membership.

Field trips: A chairperson shall arrange field trips throughout the year, searching for suitable locations, arrange for camping areas and provide the bulletin editor with travel arrangements. The chairperson shall distribute to the membership at the meeting prior to each trip, data as to route, camping location and supply requirements and mark all critical route conditions. The chairperson shall be responsible for camping and collecting discipline and, in case of emergencies, take appropriate action.

In case there is no annually appointed director, the Board of Directors shall appoint chairpersons for individual trips who shall have the responsibility and authority of the annually appointed chairperson.

Refreshments: the chairperson shall appoint two or more members to provide refreshments, etc. at each general meeting.

Education: the chairperson shall be responsible for providing an appropriate program for each meeting.

Sunshine: the chairperson shall be responsible for sending a card or flowers etc. to each member in the hospital or ill.

Historian: the historian shall maintain copies of special events concerning the organization and either maintain of record the location of any archival documents related to the organization.


There shall be a general meeting at the first Wednesday of each month, except in June, July, August, and December. Ten members and two officers shall constitute a quorum.

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be attended by all officers and directors. Three members of the Board, including two officers shall constitute a quorum.

Special meetings may be called by the president and must be called by the president at the written request of ten or more members.

Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority at any general meeting, provided notice has been given at the previous meeting.